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Riviera Focacceria Italiana is proud to introduce to South Florida the long tradition of exceptional food from the Italian region of Liguria.

Riviera Focacceria Italiana is proud to introduce to you, within many other incredible dishes, the unique Focaccia Cheese... two layers of incredibly thin dough filled with imported stracchino cheese, a cheese so important in the production of these delicate balanced dish that we will air freight it weekly from Italy but be aware, once you'll try the Focaccia Cheese... your world will never be the same!

Fresh homemade daily pastas are another big part of our menu, introducing within others the iconic Pansoti, an homemade dumpling filled with spinach, ricotta cheese, chards and spices and than served with a delicate walnut sauce!

Last but not least... the pesto sauce. You will be able to experience the real pesto alla Genovese, the sophisticated but humble balance of local organic sweet basil, pine nuts, parmigiano cheese and Ligurian extra virgin olive oil served on thinly homemade handkerchief style pasta... the Mandilli.

Fresh seafood, grass fed steaks and much more is waiting for you at Riviera Focacceria Italiana.

La Focaccia

The focaccia recipe it is widely associated with Genova and the Ligurian cuisine.As the tradition spread, the different dialects and diverse local ingredients resulted in a large variety of bread.

Due to the number of small towns and hamlets dotting the coast of Liguria, the focaccia recipe has fragmented into countless.

The most famous example is the specialty Focaccia Cheese which is originally from Recco, near Genova.

Riviera Market

Prosciutto di Parma 24 months aged $20 lb
Parmacotto $15 lb
Speck $21 lb
Mortadella $13

Stracchino $21 lb
Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months aged $21 lb
Gorgonzola $18 lb
Asiago $17 lb
Pecorino Toscano $25 lb
Fresh Artisanal Mozzarella $6 each

Olives & Oil
Tagiasca Olives $7 1/4 lb
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Accademia Barilla Rzserva $35 1 liter
Accademia Barilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil $49 3 liter

Capperi di Pantelleria Salt Preserved $4 1/4 lb

Focaccia Genovese Tray
Plain $15
Tomato $35
Onions $35
Zucchine 6' Parrnigiano Cheese $35
Eggplant, tomato sauce, Parmigiano Cheese $39


all our desserts are homemade
Nutella Tart $6
shorterust pastry and delicious Nutella hazelnut spread

Fruit Tart $5
shortcrust pastry with aprioot or strawberry jam

Mousse di Pistacchio $88
homemade pistachios mousse

Panna Cotta al Vino Rosso $8
vanilla panna cotta topped with a red wine gelee

Homemade Fresh Pasta

Pasta Semplice $8 lb

Pasta Ripiena $12 lb
filled with braised beef, green chard, spinach, Parmigiano cheese, marjoram

filled with spinach, ricotta cheese, green chard, Italian herbs and spices, Parmigiano cheese

Homemade Fresh Sauces

Riviera Pesto $26 lb
local sweet basil, pine nuts, touch of garlic, extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano cheese

Ragu Genovese $17 lb
braised ground beef extra virgin olive oil, tomato, spices

Pomodoro $9 lb
imported San Marzano plum tomato

Portofino Sauce $17 lb
Riviera's homemade pesto & tomato sauce and a touch of cream

Eggplant Sauce $15 lb
eggplant, chopped hard boiled eggs, Riviera tomato sauce


Riviera Focacceria Italiana

3252 NE Buena Vista Blvd
Suite 110 Miami FL 33137
The Shops at Midtown

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday
11.30 am - 10.30 pm
Friday - Saturday
11.30 am - 11.30 pm
12 am - 10.30 pm